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The New Loo

The ugliest room in the house is finally finished after 3 years of waiting.It only took us two weekends so I don’t really understand why we’ve kept it so long, maybe because it’s just a loo?Not any room in my home is“just a room”I love to pay attention to all the rooms even basements, pantries and broom closets as when I enter them or open a door it should make me happy.

This is what a looked like when we started.We already took the toilet out and started to build the frame that hides all the plumbing in the back.As we choose to use wood panelling to match the hallway panelling it wasn’t necessary to crack out the tiles.We glued and drilled the panelling on top of the tiles, painted the bottom part and wallpapered the top part.

I usedFarrow & Ball Shadow White(282) for all the panelling.I use a paintbrush and a roller as I like my paintwork smooth but I also like that you can see that it’s hand painted and not spray painted.The wallpaper is by Morris and Co.and is calledMary Isobel(pink/ivory) we used it in the attic and this was left over.The floor tiles are the same as inour laundry closetand are from Hornbach, they are glued over the existing ones using tile on tile glue.The lamp is fromAnglepoiseand comes in the exact same colour as the paint, I just love that.All the plumbing isGranleybyHeritage Bathrooms.I ordered it all atVictorian Pluming.The mirror I had for years and the prenuptial calendar is byTed & Tone.The rabbit below, we use as a hook for towels, and was purchased atAnthropologiein London.


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    Kristina Cechova
    04/03/2020 at 17:59

    The wallpaper is absolutely stunnning.I love the whole “room” a lot

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